bridesmaid duties

Image: Flickr

Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun, but it’s also a serious honour and responsibility. When a friend asks you to be her bridesmaid, she is asking for your special help and support on one of the biggest days of her life. The responsibilities of a bridesmaid have changed over the years as wedding trends have waxed and waned so here is a handy list of four things every bridesmaid needs to do.

Help Plan the Pre-Wedding Parties

The bridesmaids have the fun responsibility of helping to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. The bride’s family may want to be involved in some of this planning but it is the bridesmaids’ responsibility to take care of the organization and nitty-gritty details of event planning. On the day of the shower or bachelorette, bridesmaids are in charge of making sure the event runs smoothly.

Offer Help with Pre-Wedding Tasks

Bridesmaids are there to support the bride through the entire wedding process. Offer to help stuff invitations, keep track of RSVPs, or pitch in at the craft table if the bride is into DIYs. Not all brides will need a lot of pre-wedding help from their attendants, but it is incumbent upon the bridesmaid to offer her assistance through the planning phase.

Be The Bride’s Right Hand

On the day of her wedding, a bride should not have to worry about anything. Bridesmaids are responsible for making sure the bride has everything she needs on her wedding day from accessories to champagne. Bridesmaids should also help manage any small organizational responsibilities that come up on the day of the wedding. For example, bridesmaids should be the ones fielding phone calls and texts from guests if they have questions about parking, directions to the venue, etc. so the bride can relax and enjoy her day.

Get The Party Started

On the day of the wedding, bridesmaids are surrogate hostesses, stepping in to make sure everyone has a good time and relieving the bride of that responsibility. Bridesmaids should circulate to see if guests need anything and are having fun at the reception. When the dancing begins, bridesmaids help get the party started and make any shy guests feel welcome on the dance floor.

Being a bridesmaid is a special honour. When your close friend or relative is getting ready to tie the knot, she will need all the love and support she can get to make sure the best day of her life goes off without a hitch.