Bonbonnieres are a classic and traditional form of wedding favours that are easy and inexpensive to put together for the DIY or budget-conscious bride. Traditionally, these little boxes of bonbons have been filled with colourful Jordan almonds. In Australia however, the term bonbonniere has grown to include any type of small gift or favour given to guests at a wedding. As wedding trends grow and change, bonbonniere trends have grown and changed as well. To give you some ideas of what you can gift guests at your own reception, here’s what’s trending in Australian wedding favours this summer.

Mini Succulents

The popularity of succulents among both expert and amateur gardeners is set to continue going strong in 2018. A small plant is a favour that your guests can enjoy indefinitely. Consider personalizing the pots with your wedding details if you’ve got a knack for hand-lettering.

Artisanal Snacks

The artisanal food movement has everybody falling in love with homemade jams, infused olive oils, and craft coffee beans. A small jar of seasonal jam or a homemade rosemary-garlic olive oil are favours you can easily make yourself to add a personal touch.


If you want a nod to the traditional sweet treats found in bonbonnieres, a modern interpretation is to fill them with a French macaron or two. These delicate confectionaries are quickly replacing Jordan almonds as the most popular sweet wedding favour.

Paper Fans

For a hot Aussie summer wedding, personalized paper fans make excellent wedding favours. Your guests can put them to use right away at an outdoor reception and can keep them on hand to cool down throughout the summer months.

Bottle Openers

A modern wedding favour idea that has been gaining traction recently is personalized bottle openers. With the rise in popularity of craft beers, particularly in the summertime, an engraved bottle opener is a favour your guests will use regularly and keep for years.

Whether you’re looking to give your guests a tasty treat or a lasting memento, these trending bonbonniere ideas put a modern twist on a traditional wedding ritual. What are you gifting as your wedding favours? Let us know in the comments.