garden inspired marquee wedding on a budget

Wedding receptions set in a cultivated garden with a marquee tent as a centre-piece for the dinner and dancing are a classic choice that will never go out of style. A garden inspired marquee wedding theme seems to encompass everything a bride could want: romance, tradition, and the beauty of nature without the fear or getting rained-out. These lavish receptions can sometimes cause the dollar signs to add up quickly, but it is possible to throw a wedding with this theme without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips for creating that garden inspired marquee wedding on a budget.

Book A Public Garden

Hosting your wedding reception in a public garden can save you a lot of money upfront. Public gardens receive government subsidies which means the cost of booking an event there is much lower than if you were to book a private garden. Booking a public garden can also help you avoid the more expensive costs of venues that cater exclusively to the over-priced bridal industry.

Find An All-Inclusive Vendor

When shopping around for your tent, chairs, and linen rentals, look for a vendor who can provide everything in one package. When you bundle multiple rentals from the same company, you can take advantage of additional savings. By bringing a lot of business to a single company, they’re more likely to cut you a deal on the overall rental costs. Renting from a series of different vendors is not only a hassle, it’s also a way for costs to escalate quickly.

Do Your Flowers Yourself

Part of what makes a garden inspired marquee wedding so beautiful is the floral decorations that seem to create an extension of the outdoor garden inside the tent itself. However, floral arrangements are notoriously one of the most expensive lines in any wedding budget. By doing your floral arrangements yourself (with the help of your wedding party) you’ll save a bundle and still get that indoor garden aesthetic you’re looking for.

Planning a beautiful, garden inspired marquee wedding doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget. By making a few careful choices during your planning process, you’ll be able to save money and have the wedding of your dreams!