Weddings are all about the joining of two distinct individuals as they make the decision to share their lives with one another. As such, the ceremony and reception should accurately reflect the personalities of both the bride and the groom. Part of what makes a marriage so beautiful and special is the way that two different people find commonality and come together. For that reason, differences in taste and personality should be celebrated and incorporated into your special day. If you’re struggling with how to pair your love of Disney princesses with his Star Wars obsession, here are a few ways to incorporate each personality into your wedding theme.

Hire A Designer

Let’s say you’ve always dreamt of traditional floral décor, but your fiancé really wants your wedding to reflect his love of sailing. Hire a graphic designer come up with a visual motif that blends both your personalities. Designers are professionally expert in doing exactly that. They will use their creativity and expertise to come up with the perfect colour palate, typography, and imagery for your invitations, signage, and menus. Once you’ve got that basic shared aesthetic established, you can translate it to all aspects of your décor. Hiring a graphic designer to come up with a shared aesthetic may seem like an expensive solution but there are plenty who offer budget-friendly designs through websites like Fiverr.

Mix And Match

Not every single element of your wedding day needs to reflect each of you. Consider mixing and matching your individual tastes so that, overall, they create a reflection of the two of you together. For example, order a football-themed wedding cake for your fiancé and choose centerpieces that reflect your passion for gardening. If your two theme ideas are so different that you can’t imagine them working together in a single design element, mix and match them to reflect the joy that comes when opposites attract.

Unify With Colour

When two theme ideas are very different from each other, a consistent colour palette is a great way to bring them together with a shared aesthetic. Create a vision board with pictures that represent your two theme ideas and see where they overlap aesthetically. Does your fiancé’s fishing hobby appear to clash with your fairy-tale dreams? Unify the two with a blue and white colour palette that ties together a Cinderella story and a day at the lake.

No matter how different your taste may be from your fiancé’s, those differences are worth celebrating on the day you come together as husband and wife. Do you have other ideas for how to incorporate each personality in your wedding theme? Share them in the comments!