There’s a lot of hype right now about unplugged wedding ceremonies where guests are asked to leave their phones and cameras in their pockets and purses. In an increasingly digital and documented world, many brides and grooms see the value in asking their guests to unplug and center themselves in the moment. Unplugged ceremonies have their drawbacks and benefits. We’ve rounded up the pros and cons so you can decide if a tech-free wedding is right for you.


Guests Will Be More Present

Without an attachment to their phones and cameras, your guests will be fully present during your ceremony instead of staring at a screen. Unplugging encourages your guests to appreciate the beauty and joy of the moment first hand, instead of through the barrier of a photograph.

Guests Won’t Get In The Way

Guests who are eagerly trying to snap a selfie might get in the way of the actual photographer or block the views of other attendees. After paying for a professional photographer or videographer, you may be disappointed to see tons of iPhone screens being held up in the foreground of your shots.

You Control Your Narrative

Some brides want to control the way their wedding appears on social media and have the ultimate say on which photographs are made public. If you’re highly conscious of your social media presence, you may want to have an unplugged ceremony to avoid unapproved photos appearing on your profile.


You’ll Have To Wait For Photos

If you’re relying solely on your professional photographer for memories of your wedding day, you’ll have to wait longer to get those pictures in hand. Guest photos can be uploaded and shared with you instantly while your professional photos will need to be edited before delivery to you.

Guests Can Capture A Unique Perspective

Your guests may capture unique little moments that your photographer misses. They can also give you and your groom a real idea of what the event looks like from the guest perspective. Selfies and group photos taken by guests also give you a more candid perspective on your special day.

Guests Won’t Have Photos

Unless you share your professional photos with your guests, they won’t have their own photos of an unplugged ceremony. Some people, especially your parents, may want their own photos that they can frame and display for themselves in their home. Guests may also want their own pictures that reflect their experience of the wedding day.

As you can see, there are an equal number of pros and cons to having an unplugged ceremony. Every couple is different, so you’ll have to think about what is most important to you and your groom when it comes to your wedding photos.

What do you think? Is an unplugged ceremony right for you?