While some wedding traditions fade with time, one that has endured is the old adage that a bride must wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Even some of today’s most modern and avant-garde brides continue to stick to this time-honoured good luck tradition. It’s also popular for some brides to double-up and find a single piece that can fulfil more than one of those categories. Here are some of the most common blue items that are often lent to brides to double as their something borrowed and something blue.


Lending a bride a piece of heirloom jewelry is a beautiful way to honour family tradition or to welcome her into the groom’s tribe. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets adorned with sapphires, aquamarine, blue topaz, or lapis lazuli can all make a lovely addition to a bride’s ensemble. Blue gemstones are a great way of adding a very subtle sparkle of colour without overwhelming a traditional white ensemble.


Brides are almost never pictured with purses or clutches so it’s easy to forget that you’ll still need a place to store a few essentials on your wedding day. While a bride may not carry her purse for most of the day, having it on hand is a practical necessity. Borrowing a designer handbag in a brilliant shade of blue is a great way to include the colour without deviating from the classic neutral look of a white dress and accessories.


For the bride who wants to add a pop of colour to her wedding dress, a blue sash is a great way to do it. Borrowing a sash from a dress worn by your mother or maid of honour is a nice way to add that colour and incorporate a special person in your wedding look. Not everyone may find a friend or family member who happens to have a blue sash, but it is by no means impossible.

Combining your something borrowed and something blue in one item is a great way of putting a convenient spin on an old tradition. Do you have other ideas for how to incorporate something borrowed and something blue? Share your thoughts in the comments!