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Bonbonnieres are a classic and traditional form of wedding favours that are easy and inexpensive to put together for the DIY or budget-conscious bride. Traditionally, these little boxes of bonbons have been filled with colourful Jordan almonds. In Australia however, the term bonbonniere has grown to include any type of small gift or favour given to guests at a wedding. As wedding trends grow and change, bonbonniere trends have grown and changed as well. To give you some ideas of what you can gift guests at your own reception, here’s what’s trending in Australian wedding favours this summer.


Trending Colors For Your 2017 Wedding

Colour is crucial in setting the tone and style of your wedding because that palette is what the rest of your design decisions will be based upon. Colour is also a big opportunity for a bride to express her personality and sense of style. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are four trending colour combinations for your 2017 wedding.