Trending Colors For Your 2017 Wedding

Colour is crucial in setting the tone and style of your wedding because that palette is what the rest of your design decisions will be based upon. Colour is also a big opportunity for a bride to express her personality and sense of style. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are four trending colour combinations for your 2017 wedding.

Coral & Navy Blue

A coral and navy blue colour palette is perfect for the bride who wants to make a bold statement. A bright colour like coral is a good choice for a summer reception or a beach wedding. Little touches of navy blue act as a grounding base and will add some masculine energy to the vibrancy of pink coral.

Cranberry, Orange, & Ivory

Cranberry and Orange are beautiful colours for a fall wedding and will complement the changing seasons. Cranberry red looks beautiful on any skin tone, making it a great choice for your bridesmaid dresses. Adding orange dahlias to your floral arrangements will add a pop of visual interest. When selecting linens to go with this colour palette, opt for ivory over crisp white to avoid a candy-cane effect.

White & Green

White and green are ideal colour choices for a bride who is looking for a simple, natural aesthetic. These colours look beautiful when combined with natural wood, making them a great choice for a rustic barn wedding. This palette is also perfect for winter weddings since it embraces the most prominent colours of the season.

Blush & Grey

Blush and grey create a trendy colour scheme with a classic twist since these shades never really go too far out of wedding vogue. Choosing blush or peach tones gives you endless options when it comes to floral décor, and dressing the groom and his attendants in grey is a great option for a daytime ceremony. The combination of blush pink and soft grey is the perfect marriage of masculine and feminine shades.

Regardless of the colours you choose, it’s always a good idea to highlight an accent colour or two off a neutral base tone. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your wedding colour palette really say something about who you are.

Which colour combination is your favourite? How to do imagine incorporating colour into your wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments.