Today, more than ever, couples are moving away from traditional weddings and are choosing to throw a party that expresses both their individual personalities and who they are as a couple. Booking a unique wedding venue is a great way to incorporate that uniqueness and creativity into the entire experience of your wedding day. If you’re looking to step outside the box, here are a few unusual wedding venue ideas your guests won’t forget.

Amusement Park

For the adventurous and playful couple, an amusement park is a fun venue that comes complete with its own entertainment. Although amusement parks aren’t necessarily a traditional wedding venue, many are now offering event packages that cater to specifically to weddings to help streamline your planning.

Museum or Art Gallery

Museums and art galleries are often some of a city’s most architecturally stunning venues and provide a backdrop of culture and history for your special day. These venues are great options for couples who want to get married in the heart of an urban centre and who want to share their love of art and culture with their guests.

National Park

The outdoorsy couple will want to jump at the chance to tie the knot in a national park. The stunning natural views provide all the décor you need, making national parks a great option for the budget-conscious couple. Bonfire and camping-themed receptions are also very popular right now, so a wedding at a national park is right on trend.


Getting married in a library is a booklover’s dream. Similar to museums and galleries, many of the world’s major libraries also boast stunning architectural details with vaulted ceilings, sweeping staircases, and antique finishes. Libraries are not only beautiful venues, they’re a great way for literary couples to share their love of books with each other on their special day.

Choosing an unusual wedding venue can accomplish so many things at once. Not only does it allow you to express your personality, a non-traditional venue is usually a lot kinder on the budget since these locations aren’t catering specifically to the expensive wedding industry. Many venues like national parks, museums, art galleries, and libraries are subsidized by the government which makes their rental fees much more affordable. An unusual wedding venue also guarantees you give your guests a party they won’t soon forget!

Which of these venues appeals to you? Do you have any other unusual wedding venues ideas to add to this list?