Daisy Dress

Tea length gowns are becoming ever more popular these days as millennial brides fall for casual vintage styles. A tea length gown, which ends below the knee but above the ankle, brings a traditional mid-century aesthetic along with the casual flair of a shorter dress that modern millennials love. If you’re thinking about tying the knot in a tea length dress, here’s now to style the rest of your ensemble to achieve that perfect vintage look.

Choose Statement Heels

Part of the fun of styling a shorter dress is that you get to really express yourself with your choice of footwear. Go bold with a bright colour or unique pattern. Heels are recommended with tea length gowns for two reasons. First, they really tie together the vintage aesthetic, and second, they elongate the line of your leg which can sometimes look shortened by a dress that stops at the calf. If heels really aren’t your thing, try a comfortable wedge instead.

Accessorize with Headpieces

Veils tend to clash with the vintage casual vibes of a tea length dress so go for a headpiece instead. If you really want to pump up that mid-century feel, choose a birdcage veil that draws attention to your eyes. If that style isn’t for you, an elegant crystal hair accessory is always a classic choice.

Wear Elegant Jewelry

Capture the classic femininity of a tea length by pairing it with elegant jewelry. Pearls are perfect for the traditional bride while modern minimal pieces let the simple elegance of the aesthetic really resonate. Look for pieces reminiscent of a clean, geometric Art-Deco style to capture that streamlined feminine feel with a nod to the past.

If you’re looking for an ultra-feminine vintage dress that is perfect for the budget-friendly casual wedding, consider trying on some tea-length gowns. If you’re sold on the idea but can’t find the exact style you’ll looking for, don’t forget that you can custom order your dream dress designed just for you.