bridesmaids boxBridesmaid boxes are a popular new gifting trend in the wedding world. Many brides put together a box of goodies to gift their friends when they pop the big question: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  A bridesmaid box is a fun and creative way to ask your girlfriends to share in your special day while acknowledging their important role in your life with a few little gifts. If you’re thinking of joining in on this popular trend, here are some ideas of what to include in your bridesmaid box.

Bridesmaid Robe

One popular gift idea is matching robes for your bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day when everyone is getting ready together. Matching robes will make for a really cute pre-wedding photoshoot with your friends, and when the wedding is over, you’ll all have your matching robes as mementos.


Jewelry is always a classic gift idea but it’s even more perfect for a bridesmaid box because you can gift your friends something beautiful to wear on the day of the wedding. Jewelry is a gift your girlfriends will likely treasure for many years to come.

Beauty Products

What woman wouldn’t love a new lipstick or nail polish? Have fun picking out colours and shades that will match each of your friends’ unique personalities, or gift them the matching products they’ll need to finish their wedding-day ensembles.

Pamper Products

At-home spa products are a welcome addition to any gift basket. Collect your favourite bath salts, facemasks, body lotions, and shower oils to give your girlfriends the luxury of some extra “Me Time”.

Tasty Treats

Nothing tops off a bridesmaid box quite like a few tasty indulgences. If you’re a baking wiz, whip up a batch of homemade treats for your friends to enjoy. If you’re short on time, pick up some chocolate truffles or mini bottles of champagne to toast your best girlfriends.

Bridesmaid Boxes are very popular right now, but they are about so much more than staying on top of the latest wedding trend. Putting together a special gift package for your best friends is a way of acknowledging the importance of your friendship and thanking them for the role they will play in your wedding day.