Signing up for a bridal gift registry is a tradition that has become more controversial in recent years. While some people love the idea, others feel less favourably about it. When it comes to wedding gifts and bridal registries, it’s easy to feel at a loss about what to do. Will your guests appreciate the ease of a registry or will they feel limited by your choices? To help you decide what direction is best for you, here are the pros and cons of a bridal registry.


It’s Helpful

Bridal registries usually provide an all-in-one service that is particularly helpful to wedding guests. Registries that take care of wrapping, shipping, and delivery really lend your guests a hand by taking those tasks off their plates. If you have several elderly guests or guests who are travelling long distances to attend your wedding, letting a registry take care of those details will be very helpful to everyone.

It’s Easy

Many guests appreciate the simplicity and ease of choosing a gift from a registry. Not only are their options laid out for them, they also don’t have to worry about wrapping or shipping and delivery. If you have a lot of friends and family members who are busy and always on-the-go, they’re likely to really appreciate the convenience and ease of simply picking a gift off a list.

Guests Know You’ll Get A Gift You Love

Bridal registries inherently take away gift-giving anxiety since your guests are guaranteed to get you a gift you want. Many people appreciate this certainty as it saves them the stress of trying to think of a great gift idea as well as the anxiety of wondering whether or not you’ll like their pick. Registries are great for couples you already have a home full of the basics, so guests don’t have to worry about buying you duplicates of what you already have.


It’s Impersonal

Some guests may feel that a registry takes the personal fun out of gift-giving. Many people enjoy the process of hunting for that perfect individual and personalized gift. Guests may want to chance to find you a wedding gift that reflects your unique relationship.

Money Can Make It Awkward

Many people feel uncomfortable knowing that the bride and groom know exactly how much they spent on the gift. Some guests may even feel competitive or outshone by others who have bigger budgets. Since everyone knows exactly what each item on the registry costs, things can get awkward pretty fast if any of your guests are self-conscious about their finances.

It Limits Your Options

Signing up for a bridal registry forces both you and your guests to shop at a single store, thus limiting everyone’s options. Some guests may not want to support big-name brands or chain stores and may feel limited by the constraints of the registry.

Choosing whether or not to sign up for a bridal registry is a very personal choice with pros and cons on either side. If you’re in the process of making this decision, try to think about what the majority of your guests will appreciate the most. Different crowds are likely to approach the topic in different ways, and you’re the one who knows your friends and family best.