If you’re a bride who spends any time at all on Pinterest, you know about the magic of a barn wedding. Barn weddings have become incredibly popular in recent years as more and more brides favour budget-friendly, less-formal, and more customizable wedding days. While barn weddings are right on trend, they also offer a timeless and traditional down-home feel for the bride who wants to keep it both stylish and simple. If you’re on the fence about this trend, here are a few of the benefits that make a barn wedding truly magical.

Blend of Trendy And Traditional

While pictures of rustic signage and receptions under wood-beams are all over the internet’s most popular wedding websites, barn weddings bring as much tradition as trend. Getting married in a vintage barn on a beautiful rural landscape gives you the comfortable vibes of a classic country home wedding. The simplicity and home-grown feel of a barn wedding is perfect for the bride who wants a sense of tradition, home, and family to be present on her big day. These natural feelings associated with a barn wedding, combined with the current popularity of these venues will give your special day the perfect mix of trendy and traditional.


Barn weddings are a great option for the bride who wants to stay on budget. Since barns are not traditional wedding venues, it will be easier to find one without the usual wedding-industry markups. A barn is an inherently more casual venue which will set a more budget-friendly tone for the day. For example, you may be able to save money on décor since the venue is an aesthetic statement in and of itself. With a more casual tone, brides can also feel less pressure to conform to expensive wedding traditions. Forgo the usual overpriced multi-tiered cake in favour of more casual and less expensive cupcakes.


Because barns are not traditional wedding venues, you likely won’t be limited by the pre-set wedding packages provided by typical wedding-industry locations. This gives you more freedom to customize your wedding by choosing the caterer, florist, and baker of your choice. You may also find you have more freedom when selecting linens, chairs, and tables since they might not be pre-selected by the venue. For the bride who wants total control over the planning of her day, a barn wedding offers endless potential for customization.

Barn weddings are a great option for the budget-friendly bride who still wants to stay on trend and incorporate her personal taste into the planning of her wedding day. Would you consider a barn wedding? Let us know your thoughts on this magical trend in the comments.